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Materials choices

Natural slate

Penrhyn Heather Blue slate.

Natural slate can withstand the most extreme environmental and weather conditions and combined with its unique natural beauty makes it the material of choice for a massive range of diverse applications.

There are three colours that naturally arise from the quarries of Welsh Slate: Penrhyn Heather Blue, Penrhyn Heather Red and Cwt-y-Bugail Dark Blue Grey.


Marley Eternit fibre cement slates

Marley Eternit.

Marley Thrutone Fibre Cement Slates are available in eight colours and are lighter in weight and more economical to purchase than natural slate.

They are particularly suitable for low pitched roofs.



Redland Stoneworld 2.

The Redland slate range is available in eight types of composite including: Cambrian, Landmark, Saxon, Richmond, Mockbond and Stonewold (pictured opposite).

The 'Cambrian' range is manufactured from 60% recycled Welsh slate; the 'Landmark 10' range utilises Redlands unique 'ColourFusion' process to provide improved weathering and longevity.


Clay and Concrete tiles

Clay and concrete tiles


Clay and concrete roofing tiles are now available in a huge range or colours and profiles.

We can advise on the most suitable for your project - from an aesthetic, technical and economic viewpoint.