Chimney repairs

Chimney before repair - P W Contractors.


Repaired chimney - P W Contractors.

Chimneys, being the highest point on any roof, take the full force of any storm.

Over time the mortar bed may loosen, heating a and cooling cycles may cause the clay pot to crack away from the mortar bed -and, of course, it is not unknown for entire chimney stacks to come crashing down, damaging the roof and endangering passers by.

Unfortunately, it is often a case of "out of sight, out of mind".

If you have any concerns about the integrity of your chimney, call us for peace of mind - and safety.

Lead flashings

Chimney flashing before repair.

Above: old chimney flashing prior to repair


Damaged ridge tiles.

Above: new lead flashing.


Valleys, gullies & joints

Wall flashing - P W Contractors.

The place a roof is most likely to leak is at a joint or change of pitch. Lead flashing is the most commonly used treatment to deal with internal or external changes in roofline. Lead is used because it is a long-lasting and malleable material that, with care, can be fashioned around corners, to create gullies and can bridge the gap between dissimilar materials.

Occasionally, over time, flashings can become loose - either through wind damage or build up of moss and the freeze and thaw cycle.

P W Contractors are skilled at diagnosing the reasons for roof leaks and making the necessary repairs


Lead flashing at brickwork.