An alternative to a flat roof

Low pitch roof.


Weather exposure map.

We would be pleased to advise on viability and design.

Depending on the building's structure, an alternative to a flat roof is a tiled or slated pitch roof.

Special consideration has to be given to both materials and construction method for this type of roof in order to ensure its rain-shedding properties.

The design considerations should take into account local exposure conditions.

Replace or repair?

Inspecting old flat roof - W Contractors.


We will inspect the existing structure and advise you on the best course of action: repair or replacement

Most flat roof coverings are capable of selective repair. The extent of any repair work will depend on whether the substrate beneath the felt has been damaged by water ingress and how far the damage extends - for example, to the decking or beyond to the insulation and supporting joists.





Sometimes a low pitched roof looks better than a flat roof.

Examples of extensions and porches with low pitch roof design; structures that compliment the appearance of the existing house instead of looking like an after-thought.