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Though flat roofs do not have the longevity of slate or tile pitched roofs, they are more economical to construct and repair.

They are, therefore, a sensible option for many structures and are particularly suitable for extensions, garages and porches.

We offer a 15 year guarantee as standard but the truth is a properly constructed and surfaced flat roof will last much longer.

Replace or repair?

Inspecting old flat roof - W Contractors.


Depending on the condition of the existing structure, we will advise you on the best course of action: repair or replacement

Most flat roof coverings are capable of selective repair. The extent of any repair work will depend on whether the substrate beneath the felt has been damaged by water ingress and how far the damage extends - for example, to the decking or beyond to the insulation and supporting joists.

New roof covering

Re-felted old flat roof - W Contractors.


Even if the substrate has not been damaged it may be advisable to replace it and take the opportunity to build in newer, more effective thermal insulation.

Building in better thermal insulation will improve your comfort and reduce your future heating bills - meaning the repairs will pay for themselves over time.

Types of flat roof covering


Flat roof decking - W Contractors.

Roofing felt is applied in three overlapping layers; the two base layers are vapour permeable while the top is coated in a protective mineral surface.

The newest 'torch-on' felts are far superior to the previous method of poured bitumen. The application of heat ensures the adhsive layer melts evenly to bond with the material below.

The operative applying the felt makes sure that there are no air bubbles and that full adhesion takes place so make sure you choose a contractor that is fully trained and insured for hot flame processes!

The top layer of the mineral felt is available in a number of different colours.


We guarantee felt roofs for 15 years.


EPDM rubber on flat roof - W Contractors.


EPDM RUBBER (full name Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer [M-class]) rubber is a relatively modern product - though thoroughly tested and certified. It has been developed using the latest chemical technology. It is lightweight and is highly flexible meaning it will expand and contract in response to extreme weather conditions without risk of cracking.

Depending on the roof area it may be possible to cover the whole roof in a single sheet thus minimising joints.

Its relative ease of application has attracted some 'amateur' installers so make sure you choose a roofing contractor with the skill and experience to do a proper job.

Local byelaws may differ in respect of required application techniques. Once again, be sure your contractor knows the rules.

We are so confident of this technology that we guarantee EPDM roofs for 25 years.

Glassfibre (GRP)

Before shot - W Contractors.


Glassfibre (also known as fibreglass and GRP) is a multi-layered composite of fine strands of woven glass embedded in a polyester resin.

It is extremely strong, waterproof and sufficiently elastic to cope with the expansion and contraction cycles between the hottest days and coldest nights.

The pre-catalysed resin is brushed and rollered onto the roof board as layers of glassfibre mat are added. The resin then quickly sets to form an impermeable layer free from any joints.

The process is particularly suitable where upstands, pipes, gullies or steps need to be incorporated in a single seamless covering.

Replacing rotted decking, removal of old felt and replacement with EPDM rubber

Installation of OSB (Oriented Strand Board) decking prior to applying surface covering.

Before shot - W Contractors.

BEFORE: damaged covering, leaks, vegetation growth, peeling edges.

Removal of damaged layers - W Contractors.

Removal of damaged materials, checking for rot, adding new insulation.

New decking - W Contractors.

Construct new decking and apply finished surface layers.

Finished job - W Contractors.

EPDM surfacing bonded to decking and 'flashed' in to brickwork.

Installing new and seamless roof coverings

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