No job too small

Replacing a few damaged roof tiles - P W Contractors.


Replacing a few damaged roof tiles - P W Contractors.

We will never try to talk you having more work done than is necessary.

Here, replacing a few damaged and missing tiles together with the fitting of new ridge tiles.

Selective repairs

Damaged ridge tiles.


Unsurprisingly, it is the top of the roof that bears the brunt of any weather damage - and often the extent of the problem is difficult to spot without a proper inspection.

Loose tiles can be dangerous to people below and and can lead to more expensive damage as they fall.

A timely small repair can save a much bigger bill later on.

It will cost little and may only take a few hours.


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Repairs at no cost

Repairs to damaged roof ridge.


Storm damage is normally covered by your standard household insurance so any repairs may not cost you a penny - in fact your insurance company will probably be glad you had the work done before it became more serious - and more expensive for them.

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