Standards compliant

New battening.

A professional job

The latest regulations mandate: a high level of thermal insulation; prevention of condensation; improved standards of weatherproofing and greater resistance to wind loading.

Make sure you hire a contractor with the knowledge and expertise to do a proper, long-lasting job.

You can read some of the science here.

Slate or tile

Slates or tiles?

Natural or manufactured

There is a wide range of material options. We can advise on the most suitable combinations, and where appropriate, building and planning considerations.

Whether you opt for natural or synthetic products we only install the best.

We recommend Redland and Marley roofing materials.

Attention to detail

Roofing components

Component integration

Planning, scheduling, approving, organising, purchasing, installing, guaranteeing. A properly constructed modern roof requires a detailed understanding of the interlocking technology involved.

Because our operatives are trained, skilled, qualified and certified as competent in the processes involved we can offer an independent insurance-backed guarantee of performance.

Complete re-roofing

House re-roofing by P W Contractors of Rochdale

New sarking and battens

Re-roofing a bungalow - P W Contractors, Manchester.

Fixing Marley clay tiles

Re-roofing a bungalow - P W Contractors, Manchester.
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