Extending the life of concrete roof tiles

Roof cleaning.

Once moss, algae and dirt have been cleaned from any roof it is important the roof is then protected by a roof sealer and a roof coating. As roof tiles get older and the original protective coating starts to fail they gradually absorb more and more water. This creates a perfect environment for moss and algae to become established.

The special mix of polymers will not soften in high temperatures or become brittle in cold weather conditions. Roof sealer and coating will both extend the lifespan of the tiles and minimise future maintenance.

If your old tiles have lost their colour, an application of our roof coating will create the impression that new roof tiles have been installed.


A few pounds spent now could save you thousands on roof repair or replacement.


• Extends roof life

• Eliminates moss & litchen growth

• Increases property value

• Enhances the appearance of your home

P W Contractors roof cleaning before and after.